The Latin Daily

BY Kyle Chen

The Mexican Market

As we have Mexico exporting 4/5 of its exports to its top 15 trading partners, most of it goes to the U.S., Canada, and China. Mexico gets their money from selling their top export, vehicles. What do they do with the money they get though? They spend it on buying electronic equipment. The Mexican literacy rate is 93.96%. This helps their GDP which is $1.261 trillion.

Venezuelan Vacations

If your looking for a vacation then look no further. Right in Venezuela we have the Rio Orinoco. This river is one of the longest in South America. We also have Mt. Roraima Canaima national park. It has mountains, waterfalls, and etc. There is also lake Valencia, Lake Valencia is a lake where you can go fishing, swimming, and etc.

Brazil's government

Brazil is a Federal Republic and has 26 states. The president is Dilma Rousseff. Dilma has been president since 2011, this means that she is in her second term of president. She is the 36th president of Brazil. She is the first woman to be president in Brazil. An issue that Dilma could be working on right now is, that Brazil's most respected politician was charged by the police for 20 years in jail.
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Cuban History

On Columbus's second voyage, he landed on several islands in the Caribbean. Pope Alexander 4 commanded Columbus to conquer and colonize the islands. So Columbus settled on the island Hispaniola, which is east of Cuba. Until 1509, when Cuba became mapped, the Spanish settled Cuba. The Spanish started capturing and killing the Native Americans. The surviving native American groups ran away into the mountains. But soon the Natives that ran away were captured and forced into reservations.
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Venezuela's environment concerns

Venezuela has a problem of oil drilling. Since Venezuela has a lot of oil underground, they drill the oil and then sell it to other countries. Even though the oil drilling is causing a lot of pollution, the citizens don't care! This is because the oil drilling is where Venezuela gets most of its money and jobs. All of the oil drilling causes the oil pollution. Also with all the Carbon Dioxide in the air, it will cause breathing and health problems for people. Some solutions are making laws on how much oil can be produced a day and to clean up the oil spills.

Daily Fun Facts

Did you know that former president of Uruguay, Jose Mujica, was the poorest president in the world? He donated most of his income to charity! Here's another fun fact, Mexico sinks 10 inches every year! Here's another one, Bolivia is the first Latin America country to get rid of McDonalds! Surprising fact! This is a weird fact, Columbia is ranked the happiest country in the world! Another fact is that Venezuela has won the most beauty contests in the world! Surprising right! Well they are also know for the most cosmetic surgeries. Here's a weird fact, In Honduras it literally rains fish! In El Salvador, there are more phones that people. Here's a crazy fact, In Costa Rica, the government does't have an army to protect themselves! Now Here's a yummy fact to finish it off, Mexico introduced chocolate to the world! Yum Yum!