You are officially a mentor!!

Congratulations on growing your team!

One of the biggest things you can do to grow your business is to mentor other consultants. There are a ton of tools Behind the Counter to help you to get them off to a great start. By utilizing the system that Beautycounter has laid out for us, not only are you training her for success, but she will be able to train her team, and so on, and so on.

You will find all of the resources mentioned here in Counterintelligence, but I wanted to give you a quick overview on how to get it done.

Social Media

Make sure you add her to our Facebook Team Pages. When you add her to BC Beauties, please refrain from doing a welcome in there as it pushes down important news and training information.

Do a welcome in BC Beauty Brigade. We would love to get to know her.

The biggest bang for both of your bucks is to tag her on your personal wall and do a welcome there. Both her friends will see that she has started with Beautycounter and your friends will see that you are growing your team. People are watching. Take advantage of it.

Another great resource is our Product Knowledge page. Make sure you add her there as well.

1. Download the Mentor Checklist & Schedule a Call with your New consultant.

Download the Mentor Checklist from Behind the Counter. Take a quick read through it and then schedule a call with your new Consultant.

2. Download the Start New Consultants Off with Success Document

Download the Start New Consultants Off with Success Document. This document goes through the Quick Start Document that all new consultants should fill out as well as the New Consultant Action Plan.

Make sure that your consultant has these documents and that she is already planning how to launch her business.

3. Go through the Start Counting Incentive

Start Counting is an excellent document to use to help her set her goals for the first 90 days of her business. Let her know that these perks are totally attainable and will also help her to get her business off to a strong start.

Remember, you also benefit from Start Counting. Not only will your new consultant be off to a strong start, but as a mentor you get cash bonuses for helping her grow her business.

4. Keep in contact with her.

Follow the steps in the Mentor Checklist and set up the calls as noted there. Remember, she has signed on with YOU, she could have chosen anyone else to do a business with. So, be her best advocate and resource. BUT, don't do it all for her. Make sure that she is doing the training Behind the Counter. This will not only make her a success, but will help her to make her future teammates successful too.