Once Upon a Time

At Poplar Road

Important Reminders

* With only 9 days left, we need to stay consistent. Supervision is key!

* Recess should not be longer than 30 minutes (exception is Fun Friday rewards). Staying out longer than that will cause other grade levels not to have their time. Or if they stay, it will cause too many kids be in the same place causing supervision issues. Staying out for a long period of time tells your students that we are done, nothing left to learn. We always have more to learn! The end of the school year is for Remediation, Reviewing and Acceleration!

Things to Do!

* Read Chapter 1 of "The Leader in Me"

* Grades must be entered by Monday, May 23rd at 10am

* SLOs should be entered by next Wednesday, May 25th

* Kathy will put award certificates in your boxes for you to check

* Turn any box tops in to PTO that you receive. They are expiring before we have a chance to turn them in.

May 16 - 20

Monday, May 16 -

Tuesday, May 17 - Chick-fil-a biscuits courtesy of ValuTeacher; Fire Drill at 1pm

Wednesday, May 18-

Thursday, May 19 -

Friday, May 20 - Yearbooks delivered

May 23-27

Monday, May 23 - Grades due by 10am; Senior Walk at 1pm for all former Panthers graduating this year! (changed due to their exams)

Tuesday, May 24 -

Wednesday, May 25 - SLOs entered; 5th Grade Cookout at 1pm

Thursday, May 26 - Kdgtn Graduation

Friday, May 27 - 5th Grade Graduation

Happy Birthday!

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