TELPAS Rater Training


Holistic Rating

The rater will be rating each ELL student in the areas of listening, speaking, reading and writing.

Holistic Rating Training Requirements

Everything you need to know!

Grades 2-12 Writing Collection Overview

When are the writing samples due?

One sample will be due each week. Samples will be turned in each Monday beginning February 22, 2016.

Sample 1 - February 22nd

Sample 2 - Febrary 29th

Sample 3 - March 14th

Sample 4 - March 21st

Sample 5 - March 28th

What forms do I use?

Cover sheet - each student's writing collection (5 samples) will have a cover sheet on the top.

Rating roster- Each rater will turn in one rating roster with all students listed.

Security oath - Each rater must sign a security oath.

When are the ratings due?

The completed rating roster is due no later than Monday, April 4th.