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Her Dedication🎸🎤

T-Swift is from Wyomissing, Pennsylvania and moved to Nashville, Tennessee when she was fourteen years old to gain a career in country music. She sold her first album when she was sixteen. Man, this girl can do it all!

She worked hard to be where she is and that is one of the abundance of reasons why you should be her fan!


  • Taylor started singing when she was five years old.
  • Taylor Swift's mom named her Taylor, because if someone looked at her name on a business card they would not know if she was male or female.
  • She spent her childhood on an 11 acre Christmas Tree Farm.
  • She is kind of blind.

Swifts' Fan Appreciation👭💞

  1. Gave a fan $1,989 to help pay off her student loan

  2. Flew to Ohio to attend a fan's bridal shower

  3. Invited fans to her house to listen to the new album

  4. Tracked down a fan who waited in the cold for 20 hours


  • In 2007, Taylor teamed up with Tennessee Governor Phil Bredesen to diminish internet sex crimes.
  • She donated $100,000 to Red Cross for an Iowa flood.
  • Donated her prom dress, which raised $1,200, to the DonateMyPromDress.org.
  • She performed at a concert in 2009 and raised £13,000 for the Children in Need.

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