By: Jessie LaValley

Chapter 1

“Our convoy went towards the main synagogue. The town seemed deserted. Yet our friends of yesterday were probably waiting behind their shutters for the moment when they could pillage our houses" (Wiesel 17).

Chapter 2

“Some of the young men forced her to sit down, tied her up and put a gag in her mouth. Silence again. The little boy sat down by his mother, crying. I had begun to breathe normally again" (Wiesel 20).

Chapter 3

“I could not believe it. How could it be possible for them to burn people, children, and for the world to keep silent? No none of this could be true" (Wiesel 24).

Chapter 7

“ “please” I begged, “don’t throw any more money in!” “Why not?” she said “ I like to give to charity…” “ (Wiesel 73).