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The boys' cross country team finished in 3rd place finish at the Division 4 state meet. The top 5 finish is the 18th in school history, including 9 state championships and 2 runner-ups! #proudtradition

The girls' cross country team finished in 18th place at the Division 4 state finals.

We are so proud of all of their hard work and accomplishments!! Congratulations on a season very well done!!!

The articles that follow have more information on the races and our amazing runners. Thank you JTV!


This week when I thought about what to share to help parents wrap their brain around digital blended learning, virtual Wednesdays, and PowerSchool a hundred things ran through my mind. I could do a video on checking documents in Google Classroom, putting answers on Google Slides, finding and submitting work in Big Ideas, and a million other things, but quickly I was frustrated because I thought would I watch that video?? AND the honest answer was maybe not....

Then I thought what would I do if I didn't know when a paper was due, how to get into an assignment, or check my kids' grades??? The answer bussed into my lap because I would call another parent who has their stuff together, and I would ask them what to do or what they know. SOOOO today there is a short help video below about the unsubmit button, but my favorite video this week is a reminder that we ARE in this together and we ARE better when we work together as a team. The closer the teachers, students, parents, and administrators the stronger we will become.

“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.” - Helen Keller


Human Towers


My favorite button in Google Classroom is the unsubmit button. This button is the greatest invention ever!!! When I come home after working all day, and I need to check my sons' work, I often find my youngest son did not read the directions (although he has gotten better with Mrs. Lamb's fabulous guidance) and the struggle is real. The conversation below is how it typically unfolds.

Me: I just pulled up your Wednesday writing assignment. Did you finish it?

Finn: Yes

Me: Did you follow the directions?

Finn: Yes

Me: Are you sure? Come over and read them to me

Finn: Why mom I did all my work hours ago and submitted it?

Me: Well Finn you have done some work and submitted it, but you did not follow the directions.

Finn: I did too and it is submitted

Me: Well Finn - you must have gotten your directions confused - let's hit unsubmit and try again...

DROP THE MIC!!! MOM FOR THE WIN - Sorry Mrs. Lamb that you probably get 100 submit and unsubmit notices on Wednesday from Finn's work, but we are getting done the best way we know how :) Check out the video below to see how to unsubmit your child's work so they have the opportunity to complete or make improvements before the first round of grading.

The Unsubmit Button


We are working with stakeholders across the county to develop our plans for the second semester, and we need your input. Please click the parent survey link below to share your feedback.


Elementary and Middle School SEL Corner

Next week our Focus Area shifts to: Demonstrate a sense of personal responsibility (for the next two weeks). This means our Elementary School students will continue to showcase their self-management skills by working on Determined. Our Middle School students will continue working on: "I am responsible for myself and my actions."

ES/MS Announcements 11.13.20



With flu season and colder weather right around the corner, the number of people that experience illness tends to increase. This year we also have to deal with COVID-19. We are vigilantly cleaning our buildings and making sure we keep our classrooms and hallways as germ-free as possible. We continue to encourage handwashing and hand sanitizing. Plus, we have amazing students and staff that make sure they keep their masks on to protect others.

Recently, we have seen a rising number of COVID-19 cases across the state and several other schools in the county have had to switch to virtual learning. We have been fortunate thus far to avoid a major issue with COVID-19, but things can change quickly. We can all do our part by avoiding large gatherings, washing our hands, wearing masks, and maintaining social distancing whenever possible. Additionally, if your child is sick, please keep them home. They can access all of their learning virtually.

We know these are frustrating times, but if we pull together, we will be successful. We appreciate your support!! #ONEHIVE



The district is working to support our families that are struggling with the internet at home. Whether it is spotty service or limited data, sometimes in Concord, we just do not have good access to the internet.

The installation of WiFi antennas on the outside of both the ES/MS and HS buildings has been completed. We now have WIFI PARKING LOTS!!!! Families can access free WiFi 24 - 7 in almost every spot in both parking lots and the ES/MS drive and drop loop. We are beyond excited about the completion of the project. We will continue to look for ways to support our families and this is a big step to making digital more accessible for everyone.

Plus, we will keep sending hot spots out into our district on Wednesday. If you are in need of WiFi access, you can go to the location listed below at the scheduled time and access the internet. This will give families the opportunity to download or upload an assignment, easily attend a zoom meeting for additional support, and watch videos that are tough to stream and/or download at home.

Burger King Parma, 12301 W Michigan Ave 11 am-12 pm

Tractor Supply, Albion 12:20pm-1:20pm

Pulaski Free Methodist Church 1:50pm-2:50pm

Additionally, the Jackson District Library offers access to WiFi and computers. The WiFi is available outside the library 24-7. Computers and the internet can be accessed anytime during open hours Hours:

Monday and Wednesday 10-6
Tuesday and Friday 1-6
Saturday 10-2

Elementary and Middle School Facebook Page

Have you liked the Elementary/Middle School Facebook Page?

If you have not yet, this week is a great time to start. The Elementary and Middle School use the Facebook page to post many updates and announcements. This Friday was the first-ever Facebook live-streamed morning announcements. Don't miss the news - like the page today.


In an effort to support our families as we navigate this digital world, we will be putting together videos to help parents navigate some of the digital tools we are using. The first video, found below is on how you can use PowerSchool and Google Classroom to monitor how your students are doing AND help support their learning.
How to Monitor Student Progress with PowerSchool and Google Classroom

Jackson Early College Information Meeting

Jackson Early College will be hosting virtual informational meetings for Parents of 8th, 9th & 10th Graders. At the meeting, parents will learn how your child could earn a certificate, an Associate’s degree, or up to 60 transferable credits at little-to-no cost to families. The meetings will take place on October 26, November 4, November 24, and December 3 at 6 p.m. If you are interested in taking advantage of this unique educational opportunity and have questions prior to the parent meetings, speak to your child’s high school counselor or contact Jean Logan, JCEC administrator — or (517) 581-2003.

PLEASE RSVP: In your response, please indicate your child’s name & school district. A link on how to join the virtual meeting will be sent to you.

Upcoming Events

11/6- On Monday a collection for Jackson County Animal Shelter will begin!

11/16- This is the last week to donate to the Animal Shelter Drive.

11/17 Picture Retakes

11/18- Friday is the final day to donate to the Animal Shelter Drive.

11/25 -11/27 No School for Staff and Students - Thanksgiving Break

12/ 14 End of the 2nd Quarter/Semester

12/18 Half Day for Students and Staff

12/21- 1/1 No School for Students and Staff - Christmas Break

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