Benjamin Franklin

By Tristan Brookhouser


I'm gonna tell you about the man that allowed you to charge your iPhone with electricity, Benjamin Franklin. Benjamin was 15th in a family of 17! Benjamin laid the groundwork for all things electrical today. Ben had a son who no one knew the mother of. That was just a bit about Ben Franklin and if you think that was interesting then read on.

Early life

Benjamin Franklin was born on January,1,1706 on Milk Street Boston, Massachusetts and was 15th in a family of 17! His parents were Josiah and Abiah Franklin and Josiah owned a shop next to the family home called the Blue Ball. He loved the outdoors, especially kite flying and swimming. At the age of ten he was taken out of school to work at his fathers shop. He hated it. Two years later nothing changed and he wanted to become a sailor. His father decided that he would learn a trade. After a while he couldn't find anything for his son to learn so he made him an apprentice of Ben's brother that was 9 years older than him. An apprentice at the time worked for about seven years without pay. That was only a little bit about his child life and now I'm going to tell you about his invention years.

Invention Years

Benjamin Franklin built an electrical generator that laid the groundwork for the modern day generator and provided easy and endless power. He also created Philadelphia's first fire department, the Franklin stove, bifocals,the lighting rod, and famous phrases like " a penny saved is a penny earned". Ben's first experiment was when he was but a ten year old boy and he was flying his kite he stumbled upon a lake. He tied his kite to a branch and started to swim. When he saw that the kite was still flying he had an idea. He broke the branch with the kite on it and laid down on the water and the kite pulled him and he raced across the water. That was a bit about his invention years and now I'm gonna tell you about his family.


Benjamin married to a woman named Deborah Reed on September,1,1730. She proved to be a " good and faithful helpmate". In 1730 a child named William was born under mysterious circumstances as no one knew the mother of him. Another child was born in 1732 but he died at the age of four by smallpox. In 1743 yet another child was born named Sally or Sarah. Benjamin left at 1757 sailing a ship when he returned he found a "fair haired" "blue eyed" wife and mother. His daughter had 7 children and a husband named Richard Bache. That was about his family in the later years of his life.


This is the conclusion of my little piece on the man, Benjamin Franklin. That was only a bit about the long life of Benjamin Franklin.


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