Summer of Learning

Summer at CTD

I spent a lot of my time at Northwestern and University of Chicago. I visited the Frank Lloyd Wright's Robie house on University of Chicago. It was built for Robie family in 1909, and after that it was owned by three families afterword. It is one of the greatest representation of Frank Lloyd Wrights signature Prairie Style. This is a physical science because it is architecture. Kellogg School of Management is a building on the Northwestern Campus that I spent a lot of time in. This is a physical science because it is lighted by electric lights and a really big building. "Tech" is the second biggest five story building, in the U.S.A, after the Pentagon. It is a connected to at least 15 other buildings on Northwestern Campus. It is a physical science because it is HUGE

The bathroom at the Robie's!

At the Robie house, after the tour, we had to use the bathroom. I didn't but, I decided it would be fun to use a Frank Lloyd Wright bathroom. I did and it is now a long running joke between us.


I am outgoing, and have a tendency to border on rude. I love the show Friends and other classic TV and Movies