Standard Weekly

Week #6 September 18-22, 2017

What's Happening Week #6

PLC WEEK: Data Review and Intervention Planning

Monday 18th: 2nd grade LUNCH Play-First Start Date


  • PLC 3rd: 8-11am
  • PLC 1st: 11:45-2:45
  • Staff Meeting 2:45 Library (Committee Reports, Child Guidance Referrals)

Wednesday 20th:

  • DAC Meeting @ FLB 8-3:00
  • PLC 2nd 8-11
  • PLC K/TK 12-3pm
  • Heather Robbins PBIS Visit 12-3pm
  • 3-4pm Teach Like a Pirate Book Study Session #1

Thursday 21st:

  • PBIS District Leadership Training
  • EdTech Training 2:30

Friday 22nd: Staff Shirt Day & Weekly Attendance Winners!!

  • PLC 4/5 Combined


This week's focus is:

PBIS Expectations-Schoolwide

FOCUS: Cafeteria Expectations

Positive Reinforcement - Rockstar Cards (completed)

Yard Duty Schedule 2017-18

Revised Schedule begins 9/11/2017

P.O.P. Power of Positive

Attendance Awareness Month Success!! So far this month in the first 5 weeks our Attendance has been 95.22%!! Way to go!

When our focus is on doing what is best for kids, we do whatever it takes! Leadership Team Shout-Out for praises and ideas to make this year a success!!

Thank you to every teacher who met with me regarding goals for your students, yourself, and your professional development this school year. We have such a wonderful team of committed staff who truly want the best for their students. Your enthusiasm for providing the best is contagious. We will meet again for Teacher Conversations in January.


Whipple's Words of Wisdom


Happy Friday all,

Another great week behind us. Let's keep rolling. Remember

"I'd take a bullet for any of you. . . wait, that's a Nerf bullet. A Nerf bullet!"

Have a nice weekend,


Planning with Purpose - PLC's & Interventions

Here is the form to place your students for Tier 2 Interventions. We will discuss more at your grade level PLC's this week. Just let Susan know where your grade level will meet on your day (teacher workroom or her office). Bring computers, TE's and data.

Skills Group Planner

September 2017 DIBELS Testing

It's that time to Dibel! Window open the month of September.

This year Teach Like A Pirate! Begins 9-20!!

Teach Like a Pirate

Birthdays this Week

Do we know when your birthday is??