The Solar System

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What are the parts of the Solar System?

The Solar System includes the Sun and other objects that travel around it. The Sun gives off energy that moves out in all directions through space.

The Sun

  • A ball of hot, glowing gases called Plasma
  • A star
  • larger and brighter than other stars because it is closer to Earth
  • 109 times as wide as Earth (wider than the length of 15 million football fields!)
  • Large enough to hold one million Earths inside!
  • Temperature on surface is 5,500 degrees celcius
  • Releases energy to Earth (Sunlight)
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What are the planets?











Solar- A group of planets that revolve around the Sun

Plasma- Gases that cause the Sun to be hot and glow

Planet- An object that orbits a star

Inner Planet- Planters closest to the Sun