The American Times

January 19, 1945

International Issues: The Holocaust

Since 1933, the terrible, grueling, inhumane time period known as the Holocaust has affected Europe as well as the rest of our world. Millions have died and many more are still suffering. It has affected the lives of almost all Jewish people in Europe, with an astonishing and heartbreaking death toll of almost six million. But the Jewish people are not the only ones facing discrimination and cruelty. Gypsies, homosexuals, and other minority groups are also facing the pain and suffering of the Holocaust. Yesterday, January 18th, Adolf Hitler, the oh-so-great leader of the "esteemed" cult of Nazi's and the Chancellor of Germany, ordered Nazi's to evacuate 66,000 prisoners from the Auschwitz concentration camp, preventing the Allied forces from taking over the camp. Despite the movements of Hitler and the Central powers, the Allies are on the right track to ending the now twelve-year, brutal movement that is the Holocaust.

By: Judah Williams

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The Manitou

The Manitou is not a nickname that anybody would particularly enjoy having. It is an American Indian term, meaning a haunting, malevolent spirit, which describes Adolf Hitler to a tee. Born in Austria on 1889, Hitler grew up with a strong sense of nationalism for Germany, rejecting the authority of Austria-Hungary, which led to his motivation to become a leading figure of the country. In 1918, he joined the German militia in the first World War. After Germany's surrender, he was outraged, and joined the German Worker's Party, enforcing it's anti-marxist ideas. Working his way up from there, Hitler eventually, through a strong army of supporters and the fear he instilled in the people of Germany, became the dictator of the Nazi's and the Chancellor of Germany. His fascist policies precipitated World War II and the Holocaust. How could such a man become a leader? That is a great question, one that no one could possibly answer correctly.

By: Carly Borer

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Opinions on the Japanese Internment

The internment of Japanese Americans in the United States is the forced relocation and incarceration during our current World War. Between 110,000 and 120,000 people of Japanese ancestry living on the Pacific coast in camps in the interior of the country have been imprisoned. Sixty-two percent of the internees are United States citizens. Who was the leader of this inhumane system, and why did they create it? As everyone knows, on December 7th, 1941, the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor. U.S. citizens feared another attack and war hysteria seized the our country. State representatives put pressure on President Roosevelt to take action against those of Japanese descent living in the U.S. On February 19th, 1942, Roosevelt signed Executive Order 9066. The U.S. justified their action by claiming that those of Japanese descent were spying for the Japanese. However, more than two thirds of those interned were American citizens and half of them were children. None had ever shown disloyalty to the nation. In some cases family members were separated and put in different camps. During the entire war, only ten people were convicted of spying for Japan and these were all Caucasian. My thoughts on the subject? I strongly disagree with the interment of the Japanese Americans because it is extreme discrimination. It is creating havoc without reason and is a movement without a cause.

By: Carly Borer

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