All About Me

By: Jessica Hilburn

My hobbies


Drawing, more like doodling

Hanging out with friends

Walking around my neighborhood/town/pretty much anywhere

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Favorite Song

My favorite song is Tear in My Heart by Twenty One Pilots because its a upbeat song that i can sing to.

Sports/clubs/organizations involved with

I am currently involved in GSA. i'm not interested in any sports, don't really have time for them anyway. Sophomore year i was in newspaper with Higgs but couldn't continue because of schedule issues.

Something I Did Over Winter Break...

I got my tongue pierced.
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I love this quote I don't who said it but it basically explains my life. I've had to overcome a lot at a young age. A lot of loss happened mainly in junior high and in 2015. This quote reminds me to see the good in the world. See the good in every situation, every person i meet. It reminds me to think maybe something good is coming down the road, something that wouldn't have happened if this event hadn't happened.


I have a cat, her name is Georgia but she doesn't pose for pictures like she did when she was a kitten. so no pictures of her. sorry Higgs. :( she's my baby. I've had her since i was six years old and now i'm going on 18 years old.

Where I Want to Visit and Why?

I want to see the world. I think it's a beautiful place that should be explored. Also, I have family in Arkansas, Colorado, Kansas, North Carolina, etc.