Kinder Meeting Agenda

August 5, 2014 12:00-4:00 pm

Discussion Items

  • Welcome Back
  • PD-We are responsible for PM Snacks on 08/19
  • New Information about Red Notes-Dismissal & Transportation Changes
  • Everyone needs to have a set of Emergency Plans, just in case...
  • Dr. Wesihaar and Ms. Herbst meetinging within the 1st week or 2. (Grade level together if possible)
  • Team Assignments for jobs Committees (CTeam, Copy Person, Wiki Support)
  • Vertical Teams, PTA Meetings-Use of Team Calendar
  • Recess Calendar-I will do by first day.
  • Afterschool Duties-How do we want to work out? (Not sure of any changes)
  • Birthdays
  • Look at Wiki & decide how we want to proceed (any changes for At-A-Glance)
  • Welcome Walk
  • Kinder Testing/Open House Day
  • 1st Day of School
  • Practice Lunch in the Cafeteria Schedule & Dismissal on 1st 2 days.