Verne Maynard

A wise old man

About Verne

Great grandpa Verne, an 100 year old man is one of the people I look up too. He set the world record fo oldest man to go skydiving on his 101 birthday. He told everyone "You don't need to have the greatest life to have a great one". He loved golfing, his hobbie. When he had to go somewhere he took his golf cart.

The lesson he learned

You don't need the greatest lif to have a great one.

When he was walking home from middle school he saw the lonely new kid walking home to. He was poor and silent but he didnt know what was next. The next day the lonely kids mom got sick and begged Verne for money which ho got. A couple days later Verne asked why he needed money and the kid said "You saved my moms life with that money." And started crying. When the kid turned into an adult he became a millionaire.

Tyler Bunker.

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