X-Prize Foundation

Children all over the world can now get an education

Kids all over the world are not getting the educatin that they need

X-Prize's goal is to make an exciting, new software for uneduacted kids to use to teach themselves how to read and do math. The sofware they create will make kids have fun and learn in spite of themselves.

X-Prize competition

X-Prize plans on geting this sotware by a competition. Any solo person or group can compete to make a software. First, the top five summissions get $1 million to test their software in an english-speaking, sub-Saharian part of Africa. The best of the five sumissions win and gets a $10 million prize. It is a double win situation: the top competitior gets a cash prize and uneducated children now get to learn.

Facts about The X-Prize Foundation

  1. X-Prize also has many other projects such as the Wensy Schmidt Ocean Health XPRIZE which discovers more about the oceans to help learn about the rising CO2 levels in our oceans that threaten marine life, coral, and humans.
  2. X-Prize is giving out new, larger cash prizes
  3. X-Prize uses competiton because they say,"That tapping into that indomitable spirit of competiotn brings about breakthroughs and solutions that once seemed unimaginable. Impossible."

Overcoming the Education Adversity

Being uneducated is an obstical. with X-Prize's software, these children will become educated and overcome their obstical of being uneducated.

Unexpected way to educate chidren

Most people that are trying to help others, around the world, usually starts a foundation to raise money and give it to those people in need and in this case give it to the uneducated children. X-prize choose a different approach. They decided to make a competition to find the best software to help these children.

Freedom to an education

Being educated opens up so many new opportunists. With more possibilities, people are open to more freedom to make chooses.

Contact information for X-Prize

Website: http://www.xprize.org/

Main Office:


800 Corporate Pointe, Suite 350
Culver City, CA 90230

T 310-741-4880
F 310-741-4974


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