Путешествия - module 15

December 8, пятница - Make sure to scroll the page >>>

On the background is the famous Hermitage Staircase.

By the way, this coming Summer (June 18 - 28) we are going to Italy. Some of you said that Russia trip is too far (Summer 2019) join our Italy trip which is so soon. Use the link below to explore about this tour. Italy also has connection to many Russian artists and writers. For example famous Russian writer Nikolai Gogol lived in Rome for a long time and created his famous masterpieces in the apartment we will be visiting in Rome that is located near Spanish steps. Text me if you want to know more information about Italy trip. Because it is coming so soon, only a few spots left.

The map below shows all the places we are going to visit in Italy. Extension to Sorrento is included as well as boat tour in the Mediterranean sea to the island of Capri.

What is included in the price: everything - plane tickets, hotel, food, transportation on the tour, all tour guides. In addition, everything is planned so you do not waste any time waiting in lines to get to Vatican, or any museum. This is the reason we are able to visit so many places. Check out this full itinerary of Italy trip.

Click this link to learn more about trip to Italy in Summer 2018

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What to do on Friday?

We are finishing Module 15!!! You've done such a great job! Even Russian president is clapping for you - click the link to see it.

Due this week:

  • Recording "Places in Moscow" from Module 14 - last week - only four passages are required.
  • Post to the discussion about St. Petersburg in Module 15 Lesson 3 (end of module).
  • ELinguafolio Assignment is due next week - located in Module 15, after St.Petersburg discussion.

Final Project
is opened and is due by the end of day on January 5. However, do not put it off. It is important. It is 25% of your total course grade. Whole next week I will be helping your with your Final Project through announcements.
Conversation sessions next week:
you are required to attend conversation sessions until you successfully submit the Final Project. Your coach will help you. All attended conversation sessions next week can be counted towards any missed sessions.

Kudos to Hector for completing an Hour of Code and sharing his certificate with me. There are some great activities in Hour of Code. My son spent whole evening making his own app yesterday :)

Fantastic job to Olivia B. , Jenna, Nikiel, Sarah, Angelina, Anna, and Julian for being among the first to complete eLinguafolio assignment. Do not be skeptical about it. This is a great tool that you can take with you to the university in future to show what you can do in Russian so you can continue studying it but may be able to bypass Level 1 as you already took it with us.

Need to reach your teacher

On the image: Moscow, Russia, near Red Square.