Library Love

How MMS students and staff are using the library.

December was Delightful!

The anticipation of the holidays carries us along on an exciting and exhausting wave of cheer and good will, and shopping, and shopping, and shopping, and...

Finding time to read can be a challenge, but a welcome retreat from the holiday hubbub! Many students made that choice for recess this month. Read on to share what was going on in the library during December.

Happy New Year, and welcome back!!!

53 Classes Visited the Library in December!

Or I visited them!

I had the wonderful opportunity to collaborate with June Paris and Kelly Huber this month! June's social studies class culminated their study of ancient Egypt by choosing a god or goddess, and created a Google slideshow to highlight that deity's unique role in ancient Egyptian society. Students then set up their Chrome Books in the library, and students went on a "museum walk," leaving compliments after viewing each others' slideshows!

Kelly invited me to work on some research skills with her science classes to help set them up for success on her "Planets Book" project. I enjoyed being able to introduce the online encyclopedia, reinforce the ideas of paraphrasing and not plagiarizing, using Bibme for making citations a snap, and introducing Google advanced search features for guided internet research. I can't wait to see the final products!

Meanwhile, 6th grade library lessons focused on the mystery genre! The mystery genre is the genre of mystery, of course! (Please pardon my corny play on words!) We had fun exploring titles such as "The Name of This Book is Secret," "Sammy Keyes and the Hotel Thief," and "Chasing Vermeer."

I'm looking forward to getting immersed in the research process with the 8th graders in January! It's always fun to see them using our library resources in combination with their ideas to generate their research papers! Looks like January will be a busy month!