I Am David

Character Sketch

His Feelings and Thoughts

  • David feels that he should always be careful and act casual. An example from the book is when it says “He always walked on if anyone looked at him…”
  • David thinks school would be wonderful. In the book it says "To think that there were people whose only work in life was to teach children the things they did not know! To be able to ask about everything you wanted to know without appearing odd and suspicious."

His likes

  • Maria
  • Johannes
  • Freedom
  • Knowledge
  • God


  • He knows many languages. In the book it says "Then he knew French... that was what Johannes had spoken. And besides that, German and Italian and English. He knew some Spanish and quite a bit of Hebrew."

Fears and weaknesses

  • Being caught by them or they
  • Not knowing things

His dislikes

  • Carlo
  • Not being able to smile (for a long time)