Lavonia Elementary Media Center

Quarterly Report


Library Orientation - All 27 Homerooms (Grades Kg-5)

Book Care - The Book Doctor (All Kg and 1st Grade)

Just Right Books - Using the Goldilocks Rule (All Kg and 1st Grade)

Parts of a Book (All Kg and 1st Grade)

Fiction/Nonfiction Differences/Dewey Lesson - All 2nd Grade Classes

Reference Sources - All 3rd Grade Classes

Dewey Lesson/LW OPAC Instruction - All 5th Grade Classes

A total of __________ lessons were taught during the 1st Quarter in the Media Center.

*Total number of classes scheduled to use the media center -

*Total number of hold requests by teachers -

*Total number of searches on the OPAC -


August -

September -

October -

The months of August and October are calculated in these totals as 1/2 month.

Program Highlights

Tommy Johns - Guest Speaker

Book Fair

Recognized Summer Reading Attendees

Ferst Foundation

Third Grade Guest Speakers

Media Club

Open House - PPT for Parents

Parent Night

Resources Shared

Mailbox and Teacher's Helper Periodicals



Follett eShelf

World Book Online


Library Weebly Website

Professional Development


County-wide Media Specialist Meeting

Library Weebly Website

Book Trailers on Tuesdays



Collection Development