Zac Power


Knowledge: Plot Digram

Zac is main character and he is spy agent and he has a brother called leon.Zac got a mission to go to Horror House on  his spy pad.he reach the Horror House and saw Huntsman spiders.There was a robotic acrobat.He found one more agent to get help, she was expert in making technologyThey saw fake skeleton who was eating.There are Fake dust and fake spider webs.They met a knight who was chasing after them , they wrap his leg.They get to know it was Big Wig Agent who was controling.

Comprehension: Summary

This story is about a boy name Zac and he has a brother leon. Zac is a Spy Agent and his family was also Spy Agent. Leon was good in making Gadgets for G.I.B. Zac went to recharge station in G.I.B Auto Drive. Suddenely Buggy was speaking and saying"Recharge Station" Selected. He saw his spy pad and saw he got amessage but it was not from G.I.B, it was from B.I.G. Mission was to go to the top of Horror House before lightning felt. He gets in Horror House, he sees the plants were hard like stone. The yard had a cemetery in it. There were thick strom clouds which were blocking sun. THe House lights were flashing. He saw many huntsman spider coming. The bats were coming.Then he remembered his brother toldhim about the new Sonic Scrambler feature which will help him but it didn't effect him. He listened some noice from the cupboard. When he saw it was Caz his friend big sister leonie. She was good in making electronic things.she was called Gadget Girl. Leonie got the map of the Horror House. They open the door, it was dark. So Leonie `took out lightning ball to give light because they can hear.