Gabby Martinez


Neurologists duties are to

Patient examination,Diagnostic Testing,

Treatment,Supervisory Role,Research,Continuing Education.

I will like to be Patient Examination, i will dislike to do Diagnostic testing.

Personal Characteristics Needed:

I personally have to be happy to help people and know that I am helping someone and I need to be focused in my goal. For me to be self confident, aware that I have someones life in my hand. For me to be disciplined and ready for anything that happens. Why would this career fit my personality? Because I can stay focused,i care about people,I am confident and i can be aware of little things.


High School classes: biology, physics, chemistry, anatomy and calculus.

Doctorate degree = 8 years of college

Medical school= 4 years

Internship= 1 year

Fesidency = 3 years

Fellowship= 1 to 8 years

I will find this in Baylor University.


80 hours per week

My work in this environment will be to be the Patient Examination.I will travel, it will be stressful, I will dislike the fact that i have someones nerves and mind in my hands, I will get hired by hospitals.


Starts at:$199,000

Range: $393,339

I can actually live with the income but then again it is just me but the amount of the income yes obviously I can live with the income.

My occupation in the work force will be doing examination because it is already stressful and all and all I will do is examine if the patient is ready or is okay.







Important things: It is someone, if I mess up you can make the brain/nerves go crazy, the person is a human being and he/she is alive and you are going to fix or damage the nerves.

Why would I be good at it? I personally am calm and I see the tiny things that may be wrong. I do not get distracted as much as others do... I stay focus.

Since I was in what 4th grade I always had an interest in math and science. I like solving problems and when i solve problems I intend to stay focused. Creepy stuff makes me weirdly happy and I do not have a problem looking at mysterious things.


The pros are that I will get to do what I like to do the most,I will take care of people,and most fun of it is SCIENCE.

The cons are if you mess up the nerves will go crazy and after that is going to become more difficult.