job interview process

before the interview

there are a lot of things you should prepare for your job interview research the company you want to work for and learn what part of the company you want to work for
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during interview

you should be dressed appropriately and greet them with a smile and a firm handshake you should arrive 15 to 5 minutes early for the interview you should bring a pen and notebook to write stuff down questions you could ask is like what would a typical day be like
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5 common interview questions

  • what are your weaknesses answer honestly
  • what are your strengths
  • why should we hire you
  • what are you goals
  • what salary you seeking

after the interview

after the interview is over and you say good-bye write them a thank you letter

how to dress for interview

how to dress for women

  • Generally, you should wear a suit with a skirt or pants

how to dress for men

  • should dress in a suit

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interview don'ts

don't answer with just yes or no explain your answer

don't act as if your taking any job