Issac Newtons three laws of motion

By Roman Moroyoqui

Sir Issac newton

Sir Issac newton was a great scientist. That made three laws of motion. He was born in England on December, 25, 1643. He lived for 85 years. He died on 1727. Issac newton wrote about gravity so then he gave the idea to other people.
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Sir Issac newtons first law of motion

To began Issac newtons first, law of motion is inertia. That means if you kick or throw a ball it will keep on going until a force stops it.That is his first law of motion.
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Newtons second law of motion

First, Newtons next law of motion talks about accelaration is a produced when a force acts on a mass.Next the greater the mass the more force you will use.
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Third law

Last of all is the third law of motion for every action there is an equal and oppisite reaction. For example, the rockets actions is to push down the rocket to the floor with its powerful engines, therefore the reactim is that the ground pushes the rocket upwards with an equal force. Finally, Issac newtons laws of motion are still discussed and used today almost 400 years later.
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