Abraham Lincoln

A candidate to pull the country back together

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Slavery - A growing cancer that must be eradicated

The growth of slavery must be put to a halt, and any expansion to states and territories will only exacerbate the problem. The dishonorable slave industry has been a burden on the United States for a long time, driven by avarice and greed, and it must come to an end if the country wishes to advance in its power.

secession - the eventual demise of the country

The southern slave states have contemplated leaving the Union and creating a new separate country that would allow slavery. The repercussions of this would be catastrophic. Families on different sides of the border would be torn asunder, bitterness would build up between the two countries, and former friends would become enemies because of their mindset on slavery. It is unlawful, and the original idea of the United States being a shining example of how effective democracy is would be gone.

David Davis - Avid Lincoln supporter

A fellow Illinois Republican, this judge sees Lincoln as fit and willing to take the reins of the country and steer it in a right direction.

The Republican Party

An emergent party in the upcoming election which emphasizes the restriction of slavery to only established slave states and the support of northern industry. Lincoln was in the Whig party until its demise, and with the united, forward-thinking new Republican Party, Lincoln believes he can beat out the competition with the massive support he can get with such a united party.