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February 2016

And we're off.....

2016 is off to a great start! Many of you have taken advantage of the New Year New You promotion and have jump started your business with classes and enrollments. Our team added a whopping 152 new wellness advocates in January! That is fantastic! With growth comes added challenges for you and your team. You are realizing that you can build a doTERRA business, whether to pay for your oils, to supplement your income or replace it. With all this added growth and many wanting to start up their own business, our leaders are providing lots of training, webinars and zoom chats (just to name a few) to help us learn and grow. I have listed a few of these in this newsletter for you to take advantage of. More can be found in various team Facebook groups. I do want to remind you that many of us built our foundations on sampling and sharing, classes and one-on-ones and finally enrollments and follow ups. As good as all these training opportunities are, I don't want you to get overloaded with training and then forget to do what is at the core of our business! Many of us feel we have to be trained and fluent on essential oil knowledge before we can get out there and teach, but you just need to know the basics and have a joy for what we have to offer. Some of you are out of your upline's area, or you have an upline who is not building so you feel you cannot continue. I want you to know that you can! That is what makes doTERRA so unique and so do-able! You are all you need! Order a class in a box and let the DVD do a percentage of the teaching. Share what these amazing products are doing for you and your family and let the oils do the rest. Get on the training calls/programs you feel will help you, call me for a game plan or to share what your next steps are and see what all you can accomplish! If you feel you need a visit from some team leaders, let me know and we'll see what we can do.

As always, please call/text me if you have any questions on the training, promotions, products or whatever else is on your mind. I am here for you!


Essential Choices, LLC

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New Year New You

If you enrolled someone in January, make sure you are contacting them about the promotion. As soon as they set up their LRP with 100pv or more, they'll need to go to and enter their ID#, password and special offer access code from the class. They'll hit submit and within 7-14 days after their order processes they will see their 100 reward points on their dashboard. Click here for more information on this promotion.

Leadership Recap

I am heading to California on February 3rd to attend doTERRA's leadership retreat. I want to share all that we've learned with you so on Feb 8th we'll have a team meeting at 7pm CST at my home in Kingwood. If you are local, please try and attend in person as I'll have new products for you to check out and a time after the meeting to talk about whatever you would like. For those out of the area, we will be live on zoom. I'm so excited to share what we've learned and the new things doTERRA has for us this year!
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Get on the call!

Roxy will start a Team Call each Sunday night at 8:30 pm CST. (time subject to change. I will keep you posted) This call will be 15 min each week. As we gear up and prepare for the week ahead, it will help us all focus.
She has an awesome list of topics to discuss. The line will be open for questions at the end. This team call is for anyone doing the business at any rank.
Sunday nights (6:30 pm PT/ 7:30 pm MT/ 8:30pm CT/ 9:30 pm ET).
Dial - (712) 432-1500 Enter Access Code - 402219#
Going forward- if you want to submit a topic, you may do so at any time. We are thrilled for what this year will bring with doTERRA

Boot camp!

Diamond Roxy Saran will be hosting a boot camp on the Edge Success system on Saturday Feb 6th. If you are building a doTERRA businesss, you'll want to get to this boot camp. Learn how to use this system with others on your team interested in getting the most out of their wholesale membership account. For more information go to Click here to register for this event.

Business Building and Giveaways from upline Diamond Nicole Vincent

There are many opportunities to learn more about building your doTERRA business. Our upline Diamond, Nicole Vincent, is a master at everything online! Join her for one or all of her online training. Don't forget to enter her monthly drawing if you qualify!

February Team Giveaway -

Entry for doing a 125pv or more order by the 15th.

Entry for every enrollment of 100pv or more

(must be in my downline)

Text and/or email reminders before webinar/chat starts
(open to all)

Weekly Q&A (Monday's 10am CST)
Text: @weeklyqa to 81010

Weekly Webinar - Chemistry of Essential Oils (Wednesdays 11am CST)
Text: @eoleaders to 81010

Business Basics Series (Monday's 9pm CST)
Text: @bboils to 81010

Monthly Continuing Education Webinar (3rd Wed 8pm CST monthly)
Text: @eoilers to 81010

And another incentive from upline Diamond Roxy Saran!! Let's see lots of rank advancements this month!
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January Shout Outs!

Woohoo! What a great month January was!

Congratulations to all our rank advancements:

SILVER: (3 elite legs)

Jeri Grimes

ELITE: (3000ov)

Jennifer Maynard

Rebekah Brumbaugh

AnaMaria Gibson

Maaike delVillar

Teri Flores

Katie Rogers

EXECUTIVE: (2000ov)

Megan Canady

Debra Anderson

Carinsa Morgan

Sarah Marino

6 new Directors and 11 new Managers!

Top Enrollers:

11 ~ Megan Canady

7 ~ Johnette vanEeden

6 ~ Cheryl Hudson

5 ~ Melissa Ashford and Bree Wilder

4 ~ Socorro Umrysh, Maaike delVillar, Jennifer Maynard, Amy Culp and Rebekah Brumbaugh

Four enrolled 3 WA's

14 of you enrolled 2 WA's each and 29 of you had 1 enrollment. That is super!

Essential Choices, LLC

Team essential choices is a group of doTERRA wellness advocates who desire to share their knowledge of essential oils and health and wellness products with others. We aim to empower families to take control of their health care in a variety of ways, including doTERRA's product line. We strive to encourage one another and help others on their path to natural wellness making essential choices that are good for the body, mind and soul.
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