Bit coin Trading is a trading platform that enables bit coin traders to have easy access to the market data and execute the orders of the top five Bit coin exchanges in a single application. It provides a platform to define the new technologies in the market through unique features and applications. It deals with the current features such as Limit Order Entries, Trade Life Cycle Management, and Real-Time Information on sales & market data showing price charts of trend analysis.

It’s a form of trading that occurs between the bit coin buyers and sellers including those who are also engaged in the transactions of bit coins with gold. In such type of trading, investors come and hire entrepreneurs and start-ups raise funds. Bit coin trading must be done with the help of a reliable broker as a CFD Service. It helps the investors to make money by buying Bit coins with dollars when they are at a certain market value and wait for the rise in its value to sell them again for more dollars. The Bit coin trading market provides 24x7 trading facility and is a unique trading practice that is carried out in financial markets.

Some of its advantages are:

  • This kind of trading is more convenient.
  • Bit coins trading transactions can be done every day and at any time
  • It is completely international based
  • Bit coins trading are generally carried out in every country during their business hours and in all time-zones.
  • It helps in increasing profitability due to increased trading.
  • A good trader has the capability of making more profits from it.

Its Disadvantages are:

  • There is an increased chance of risk.
  • It is very difficult to predict the price movements in the market while trading
  • Such trading has the possibility of higher trade losses
  • It is not a reliable and decentralized means of trading since the funds are at a risk of fake hacks
  • It is sometimes considered as an illegal means of trading as it involves moving black money internationally.
  • Bit coins trading makes money laundering such as hard cash more accessible to black market.

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