J. Davis

Mulliums only belive in the one god, Allah , and there prophete abraham. the mullisms have there holy book the Qur'ah which is stored in the kalabba in meeca which is what they point to when they pray. the 5 pillares of Islam are there is no excpet god, have slef control over body during ramaed, pray 5 times a day, go to meeca at leats once in your live and give 2.5 percent of your earnings to the poor and needey. they all worship in a Mosque, the worship leader is a Iman a Mullan is a teacher, they all whear white to show they are all equal. when they fast on ramadon it is to feel like an angel who dont eat or drink which gives them more to be thankful about. Isam is split in to two gropes Shia and sunni shia beleives there should not have be religous leaders sunni do.Eidal-aha is the sarrafice feast and Eidal-fitir is the ending feast of ramedan which is the 9th mouth of the islam calender a time of serios fasting.