Counselor's Corner

February 15 Volume 1, Issue 1

Important Information

How do we motivate our middle school students and keep them engaged in learning?

Middle school students are motivated by the feeling of having choices, of belonging, and of success.

As students strive to be viewed as “mature,” they welcome the opportunity

to make their own choices. Running a dictatorship will get you nowhere fast. They need to know that their voices are heard!

Whats Going on With the Raiders?

Upcoming Events

Feb 2-12 Valentine Candy Grams are on sale BEFORE and AFTER school

Feb 2 Student Government Association Applications are available

Feb 6 Deadline for completed SGA applications by 4:00pm

Feb 9-13 SGA Campaigns

Feb 19 Voting for SGA held during 1st period

Feb 26 First SGA meeting AFTER SCHOOL 4:30p-5:30p