The Tiger Parent Newsletter

Week of August 21 - August 25

Greetings Timberline Families!

Welcome to the 2017-2018 school year, Tiger Families!

My name is Shelley Ingram, the new principal of Timberline Elementary. I was a teacher at Timberline for many years and am very excited to be back home! I have loved meeting many of our Tiger families and students and look forward to meeting many, many more. The Timberline students, staff, families and community were my first true "school family" and my experiences here shaped what I believe about what is possible in public schools because I got to see what is possible in our students. We have the students, the families, the community support, and boy, do we have the staff to be a lighthouse for our school, our neighborhood and our community! I am so very blessed to be a part of my new school family!

School starts Monday, August 21st and in case you haven’t heard, we’re beginning the year with a big celebration! Timberline was awarded the Leader in Me Lighthouse Distinction last year. Only 339 schools in the world have earned this honor and we are so proud of what our students, staff and families did together to accomplish this! Our school building has undergone some big changes as well….you’ll see a new office area and an amazing new library. There’s some pieces that are still in progress -and we’ll have new classrooms being built throughout the year- but we have been working hard and are ready to welcome all of our Tigers - littles and bigs - to the first day of school!

This is a lengthy newsletter -not all will be this long! - but there are some very important reminders and a few changes regarding arrival, lunch and dismissal I needed to share with you. Please read these carefully as they will be in effect Monday, August 21st. The reminders and changes are in place to keep all Tigers safe and we appreciate your support in following the procedures we have in place.

Know that our TES families and community are very important to us. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or concerns. We are here to help!

Proud to serve as your principal,

Ms. Ingram

Important Dates

8/21 First Day of School!!

8/24 PTA Board Meeting in the Library

Coming up!

8/31 Information Night for K-1 5:30-6:30

9/7 Information Night for 2-3 5:30-6:30

9/14 Information Night for 4-5 5:30-6:30

Details will be in grade level newsletter as the date gets closer!

Information about Arrival

August 21st-We will open the hallway doors at 7:30 to welcome all our Tigers to the First Day of School!

All parents are welcome to walk their students to class for first week of school without checking in at the office. Teachers will be at the door to welcome them and get them settled in the classrooms. If you were not able to attend Meet the Teacher, and have questions or want to conference with your child’s teacher, you can email or call them to set a time up to do this. In order to be able to welcome every child, they will not be able to do this when you walk your child to class. Monday, August 28th, is Independence Day for all of our Tigers! They will all walk to their classrooms on their own! If your little is ready to be independent before then, YAY!!

After the first week of school, any time you visit the school you will need to check-in at the office. Don't forget to bring your ID!

Information about Lunch Visits

We ask that parents/grandparents not come eat with their child during the first week of school. Our visitor lunch area is affected by some of our construction and isn't available for use. Thank you for your support! Lunch visits start the week of August 28th.

Important Safety Reminders and Changes to Dismissal

Homework for parents! If you have not provided the school with how your child will be getting home, you will need to do this prior to Monday. We have the link for you below. This helps us keep all of our Tigers home safely!

How do I know what my child is? This is a great question!

  • A left walker is a student that leaves school and walks toward 121 all the way home. If a left walker meets someone to walk them home, they meet them at the left walker buddy bench. Please do not walk up to the school to meet your left walker! Left walkers do not walk to a parking lot to get in a car. Please do not encourage left walkers to do this as it is dangerous!

  • A right walker is a student that leaves school and walks toward Mustang Drive all the way home. If a right walker meets someone to walk them home, they meet them at the right walker buddy bench. Please do not walk up to the school to meet your right walker! Right walkers do not walk to a parking lot to get in a car. Please do not encourage right walkers to do this as it is dangerous!

  • A car rider is any child that gets in a car to ride home. If your child is a car rider, they are picked up in the car rider line. Car riders don’t walk to parking lots to be picked up in a car. This is very dangerous as they are small and may not been seen by moving cars.

Families, as your principal and as a mom myself, I know that dismissal can be frustrating and I know there can be a temptation to “take a shortcut” to save time but please help us in establishing these expectations. It is for the safety of our school family and when everyone follows the plan, it makes dismissal run more smoothly and quickly. Thank you very much!

What if I need to change how my child get home one day?

Another great question! The school will follow the direction you provided about how your child gets home each day. If there is a change to this, you must notify the office in one of the following ways:

  • Send a written note with your child with details for how he or she will get home that day.

  • Email with details for how you child will be picked up prior to 2:00.

  • Call the office 817-251-5770 prior to 2:00.

  • Changes cannot be made by text messages or calls to teachers. Teachers are working with your children during the school day and we can’t ensure that information will get to the office.

How do I get the Timberline Tiger Facebook news?!?

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TES Family Roars!

Thank you to our PTA and Dad's Club for giving our Timberline Tiger Statue and garden area a facelift. It looks incredible!!

Thanks to our PTA for providing the staff with such a thoughtful -and delicious- lunch Friday. It was so appreciated!