WANTED: Chromium(Cr)


Steel- grey metal (Example on pic. to the right)

multiple colors (ruby red, emerald green)

Atomic mass #- 51.996

Atomic #- 24


solid at room temperature

Report of first arrest

  • First arrested by chemist Nicolas Louis Vacquelin
  • Arrested in France
  • Arrested in 1797
  • Found being mischievous in a sample of Siberias Red Lead

Places last seen: Transition metal area of the periodic table and mines in Zimbabwe/ Southern Africa

Warning: In a high amount, it can be toxic, but in small quantity it is stable.

Known associates and picture of chromum

  • Fluorine- Chromic Fluorine/ CrF3 is used in dyes an paintings
  • Sulfate- Chromium Sulfate/ Cr2(SO4) used in ceramics and chrome plating
  • Dioxide- Chromium Dioxide/ CrO2 used in covering for magnetic tapes
  • Chromium Oxide Cr2O3 is a rare mineral eskolaite
  • The picture to the right is chromium in steel/chrome plating

Wanted on counts of:

  • making metals harder as an alloy
  • helping paint and dye change colors (picture of different paint colors on left)
  • being used as a catalyst
  • not tarnishing in air or water
  • plating other materials
  • resisting corrosion
  • being a trace element
  • being malleable, lustrous, and tasteless

Known Aliases

  • Chroma
  • Chromite
  • Chrome
  • Cr
  • Chrom