Sewage water is our drinking water

By: Antonio Alva

Water Purification

The water we drink is the same toilet water we contaminate. However, all of that water goes through a filtering system.

First, all of the water is settled in a chamber to separate the sludge and debris from the water.

Second, all of the smaller particles would be removed with a filter. Particles such as small bugs, leafs, floating materials.

Lastly, chlorine is added as a very strong and efficient disinfectant.

Sometimes, there are UV lights that kill bacteria and kill smaller microbes. Water from all places gets this treatment. Water like rainwater, sewage, and some groundwater are purified into drinkable water.

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How does it help?

If water were not treated like this in the US, we would be in a similar situation as Africa. This process prevents several epidemics, such as the infamous Ebola and other parasitical diseases.
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Where is this enforced?

Treatment of sewage water is a more or less global type of treatment. However, many countries still have very poor sanitation. This can lead to thousands being killed by parasites, and several people dying from water spread diseases.
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