Choice Boards

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What are Choice Boards?

Choice boards are graphic organizers allowing students to choose different ways to demonstrate knowledge on a given topic or to learn about a new concept. Generally, choice boards are 3x3 grids to include nine choices, but can have fewer or more choices to meet the needs of your classroom.

Types of Choice Boards

Content: A personal favorite of mine, choice boards can be used as a way to introduce a topic you are going to cover in an upcoming unit. It's a great way for students to explore the content by choosing the resources that interest them from the board and build some background knowledge. This type of choice board would be mostly digital as students would access articles and videos linked by the teacher, however, it could also include books checked out from the media center, or magazine articles that are not online as well.

Activities: This type of choice board would be used to provide students the opportunity to practice or review skills you have covered in class. This would most appropriate in centers or workshop models. With this choice board, you can include technology-rich activities or tech-less activities. Students may interact with this choice board on a paper-pencil copy or by clicking a link on you teacher website.

Work Product: This choice board would provide students different opportunites for students to demonstrate their knowledge. The choices on this type of board would be different types of projects for students to complete. For example, after studying the Lost Colony, students would have a choice board where they could choose one of the following:

  • using iMovie, create an interview with John White based on his findings when he returned to Roanoke.
  • Create a Chatterpix movie where John White describes what happened at Roanoke.
  • Create a brochure about the different theories surrounding the Lost Colony.
  • etc.

With this choice board, I recommend giving about 4 choices, each with its own rubric and criteria, however, the sky is the limit and this will look different classroom to classroom.

Hybrid: This board would combine a mixture of the options above. One example would be to have a 3x3 table and students would need to complete one activity from each row. The first row could be three videos, the second row could have three articles, and the third row could have three options for students to reflect on what they learned from the video and article they chose to explore.

How-to: Google Doc

How-to: Microsoft Word

Other Tools to Create Choice Boards

Other tools can be used to create choice boards. One option is Piktochart, but you can also use Google Drawing, or Smart Notebook. If you are interested in one of these options, please sign up for a time to meet with me and we can look at those options together to see what the best fit for your classroom will be.