Volcanic Eruptions

To describe pyroclastic material, lava and volcanos

Pyroclastic Material

Basically material that comes out of a volcano when it erupts. It's measured on size like for example, Pyroclastic particles that are smaller than 0.25 mm are Volcanic Dust and from there it's pretty much like a list. Like the next one, if it's smaller than 2mm than it's called Volcanic Ash. Both of them surround a volcano and just sits there. But some of the smallest dust particles could travel around the world in the upper atmosphere.

Same list thing goes for for large Pyroclastic material, material that is smaller than 64 mm are called "Lapilli" it's a Latin word which means "little stones." They usually fall near the vent of the volcano. 2 more that are bigger are called Volcanic Bombs & Volcanic Blocks. Volcanic bombs get thrown out while an eruption occurs they spin through the air and become cooler and get a round shape. Volcanic blocks are the largest pyroclastic material that shoot out of the volcano some of them are as big as a small house.

Types of Pyroclastic material

Types of Lava

Types of Mafic lava

Within Mafic lava there are three types: Pahoehoe, Aa, and Blocky. All of these types make a quiet eruption, quiet eruptions have low viscosity, Magnesium and Iron, Less trapped gases, and it's always dark colored. Out of the three Mafic lavas Pahoehoe is least dangerous out of the three. Aa lava is more dangerous than Pahoehoe, because of the way it dries Aa lava dries and forms a sharp surface as for Pahoehoe it has a ropy surface when it dries. The most dangerous one is Blocky Lava because when it dries it makes a sharp big blocky surface which can be deadly so people, babies would die.

Types Of Volcanos

The Three Types of Volcanos

Volcano activity has a lot of characteristic features that make both quiet and explosive eruptions.

The three volcanos are different from each other in size and lava types. The first volcano is a Shield Volcano that one produces Mafic magma it has a very low viscosity so it's a quiet eruption type of volcano.

Cinder Cone volcano is the exact opposite it has a bowl shaped vent because it has Felsic magma which is very explosive

Composite is a little of both it can be explosive and quiet it's very tall in height also.