Motivation Nation of Team Faith

October Recognition


The Growth in this company and in this team is AWEinspiring and that is evident by what a ROCKIN' ROCKTOBER you all had! Everyone of you was on purpose and committed to getting your ASK in gear and that is why I am so thrilled to celebrate you all here again for our monthly recognition! Please help me in congratulating all those in the Motivation Nation. Here we celebrate you...every attempt, every "NO", every "YES" and EVERY time you stepped out of your comfort zone to grow!



Megan Hancock, Leesville, Louisiana, sp’d by Amy Spooner

Mary Kay Olive, Lugoff, SC sp’d by Amy Spooner

Debbie Stidham, Chico, CA sp’d by Hannah Lang, sp’d by Raychel Gear

Karen Cochran, Magalia, CA sp'd by Jenn Brooks

Jeanie Eldridge, Miranda, CA sp'd by Jenn Brooks

Kristin Hutton, Bakersfield, CA sp'd by Jen Mihal

Kim Piracci, Eugene, OR sp'd by Jenn Brooks

Serena Smith, Oroville, sp'd by Cindel Russom

Mitzy Russom, Concord, CA, sp'd by Cindel Russom

Sara Henderson of Red Bluff CA sp'd by Jan Votaw

Cara Carvalho of Chico CA sp'd by Debbie Chamberlin

Brian Ferdani of Chico, CA, Sp'd by Brian Ferdani

Angela Pearson of Williams sp'd by Amy Gninnup

Megan Harris of Roseville, CA sp'd by Natalie McAlpin

Carin McAlpin of Maxwell, CA sp'd by Natalie McAlpin

Melissa Atteberry of Biggs, CA sp'd by Kathryn Sheppard

Melissa Chesini of Woodland, CA sponsored by Dani Bartlett

Elizabeth Jones of Dixon, CA sponsored by Lacey Robben

Janet Sakona of Woodland, CA sp’d by Nina Brown

Cody Montano of Santa Barbara, CA sp’d by Tanya Powell

Blanca Alvarez of Sacramento, CA sp’d by Elsa Garcia

Alicia Romero of Tustin, CA sp’d by Jana Smart

Colleen Brock of Woodland, CA sp’d by Lynette Gutnik

Carrie Ellinwood of Penryn, CA sp’d by Joanie Quinlan

Diana Abinante of Woodland, CA sp’d by Lynette Gutnik

Jennifer Wenck of Woodland, CA sp’d by April Vanderford

Heather Pimentel of Chico, CA sp'd by Mo Boeger

Jana Branford of Durham, CA sp'd by Heather Pimentel

Audrey Kettering of El Dorado Hills, CA sp'd by Mo Boeger

Jodi Goldie of Santa Cruz, CA sp'd by Jeanette Krzyzek

Keesha Hills of Chico, CA sp'd by Caroline Payne

Gwen Jenkins of Oroville, CA sp'd by Keesha Hills

Tammara Ludington of Paradise sponsored by Eden Davis

Laura Haren of Chico sponsored by Eden Davis

Cami Roles of Biggs CA sp'd by Kathryn Sheppard

April Anderson of Yuba City, CA sp'd by Kathryn Sheppard

Jennifer Felkins of Richvale, CA sp'd by Kathryn Sheppard

Melissa Thodas of Chico, CA sp'd by Leanna Glander

Jada Correa Chico CA sp'd by Leanna Glander

Sharon Holland of Lake County sp'd by Danielle Wilson

Emily Hiatt of Booneville CA sp'd by Lori Niessen

Melanie Perrin of Chico, CA sp'd by Jan Votaw

There you have it! Now it's GO FOR NO in November so you can all finish out your promotions to District Manager and earn that raise!

Reach out anytime to your NVP, Mo Boeger

As you new NVP I am imperfect in so many ways, but I am here for you and I welcome your contact anytime!


Natalie McAlpin, Maxwell, CA sp'd by Vicki Wilson

Danielle Wilson, Maxwell, CA sp'd by Natalie McAlpin

Jennifer Hinton-Marion, Princeton, NC sp'd by Amy Spooner

Jessica Clemons, Red Bluff, CA sp'd by Strawberry Weber

Amy Gwinnup, Maxwell, CA sp'd by Vicki Wilson

Cindel Russom, Oroville, CA sp'd by Kristi Hilmer​

Ladies after last month you are all on your way to DM Bonuses and even to First Step Area! Keep pushing and help others achieve their goals of reaching DM and you will be an AM. It's just that simple. We rise by lifting others!


New AMs include:

Kathryn Sheppard of Biggs sp'd by Leanna Glander
Vicki Wilson of Maxwell sp'd by Leanna Glander

Carol Olmedo of Woodland sp'd by Tanya Powell

Area Managers YOU are smellin' the leather and what perfect timing because your next stop is the BENZ babies!!! We could not be more excited to welcome you to the world of leadership as an Area. Just remember, to whom much is given, much is expected and now it's time to show others the way! HUGE Congrats!!!

AM's in Qual:

Natalie McAlpin of Maxwell CA sponsored by Vicki Wilson

Danielle Wilson of Maxwell CA sponsored by Natalie McAlpin

Areas In The Making, we could not be more excited for what is coming when you reach your next promotion of Area Manager. You already see the big picture and have decided that Arbonne works when you do! This month is YOURS to finish your Area Promotion and show everyone watching, that you were made for greatness!


DM BONUS ACHIEVERS ($$$ Who doesn't want an extra $200 in their check!)

Jan Votaw

Kathryn Sheppard

Mo Boeger

Elsa Garcia

Amy Spooner

Kristi Hilmer

Jenn Brooks

Eden Davis

Dani Bartlett

Tanya Powell

AM BONUS ACHIEVERS ...$$$ How about an extra $400!!!
Tanya Powell

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Top Region Sales
Leanna Glander
Tanya Powell

Top Region Sponsoring
Leanna Glander
Tanya Powell

Top Area Sales
Tanya Powell
Jan Votaw

Top Area Sponsoring
Mo Boeger
Tanya Powell

Top District Sales
Mo Boeger

Kathryn Sheppard

Top District Sponsoring
Three way tie between: Mo Boeger, Tanya Powell and Kristi Hilmer

Total Nation Sponsoring

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THIS is our truth and our purpose. You will build your Arbonne business, and in turn, your belief, your pay check, your sense of purpose when you help others. This is more than a is a way of life. The sooner you embrace that THIS is the key to success in Arbonne, the sooner you will have cashed in your KEY TO FREEDOM! Congratulations to you all on an AMAZING Month!