Emperor Penguins

Daisy Gonzalez

Daily Life of Female Emperor Penguins

Female Emperor Penguins mate with male penguins. After a couple of months the female Emperor Penguin will give birth and give the egg to the sprouse to take for under a special layer of skin to protect the egg from frozing. The female emperor penguin leaves her sprouse and dives into the water to search for food. After the egg has hatched the mothers returned and are there to care for their little penguins. After three months of life of the baby penguin it can live on it body fat and doesnt need the care of his mother warmbody heat.

Daily Life of Male Emperor Penguins

Male Emperor Penguins care for egg from their sprouse while the mother goes in search of food. The male emperor penguins has a special layer of skin to protect the egg from frozing. Over the months the penguins lives on his body fat. After the egg has hatched the father has lost half of his body and that same the father ives the baby penguin quickly before it freezes to death. After they hand over the body the male penguins go hunt for food.

Daily Life of Baby Penguins

AFter the baby penguin is hatched. The mother keeps the baby warm and feeds the baby. After three months the baby penguin is fat enough to live on it own heat and body fat. In a couple of months he will be able to search for food in the sea on his own without his mother help.