The columbian exchange poster

by: Leo Elzahr

What is the Columbian exchange?

in 1492, The Columbian Exchange began as a transport of cultures, people, ideas, plants, animals , and even diseases.Yes there were things exchanged. but what are the effects?

Positive effects of the columbian exchange

There have been different positive effects such as plants and animals exchanged between the Americas and Europe , Asia ,and Africa. such as from the america is corn, tomatoes Coacoa, tobacco , red foxes, gray squirrels, and more. from Europe is bread, bananas, coffee, apples, horses, chickens, and more. The exchange of horses to the Americas has helped native Americans hunt wild game easier, safer, and quicker.

Negative effects of the columbian exchange

Sadly, there have been several negative effects , too. Europe, Asia, and Africa ( mainly Europe ) have sent diseases to Europe. cholera, influenza, malaria, measles, smallpox, and a potato fungus have claimed the lives of many Americans. some warfares have contributed. And finally, Native american populations have declined from 2 million in 1492 to only 500,000 !!

My opinion...

The columbian exchange in my opinion is positive after all the downsides because it has benefited the Americas in hunting and has introduced unique plants and animals from the other side of the world to the other. both sides of the world have taken a bite out of the other continents culture, animals, plants, and diseases that have changed their lifestyles and culture forever.