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Why is it important to do this sport activity?


Surfing develops stability, confidence, coordination and fitness.


It's just you and the sea,

You have to deal with the dangers of the sea.

Over time you get to know the sea and to make fateful decisions quickly!

What is special in this sport activity?

surfing is a sport that depends on you and the sea.

The connection to the sea is major and very important because the waves and the weather are always changing so you must understand the sea.

Anyone can participate in this sport, but the key to success is your connection with the sea and your will power.

Without these two things, you will not be able to pull it off and become a surfer

Anat Lalior

Anat Lalior was born on 04/29/2000, and has managed to surf for almost half the world's oceans. "Just me and my surfboard" That's what she was singing to herself while down a wave of 3 meters in Mexico, probably the best solution fears the sea.

Before she began to surf Anat used to visit a lot of the sea and watch the surfers.

When she is angry where she unloads her anger when she is sick he heals her and is always there for her - Anat concludes that it's her relationship with the sea.

"If I was not surfing, I had no life," Israeli champion for 2012

World record:

Grat McNamara surf giant waves age of 44, from Hawaii does make history in Nasra, Portugal. In -9.11.2011, he broke the world record when he caught surfing a huge wave height of 90 Pitt- 27 meters !!
Surfer rides World Record 78 foot wave

Ridin the wave until the grave

Surfing the Heaviest Wave in the World - Teahupoo