"Kind of Chronological" is officially closed


"Kind of Chronological" was a great success. Thank you to all who supported with your presence and to all those whose encouragement and insight contributed to the joy of the experience.

For those of you who didn't make it out to see the installation, fear not!

I am happy to announce that "Kind of Chronological" will be an annual show.

March 2015 will feature all my one-a-days from this year - already amounting to over 100 images and counting!

What's next?

I'm very excited to announce my next project entitled "Portals."

"Portals" is a series of new paintings that continues my exploration of the free-hand line but this time away from the exact precision of the fine-point pen and into the more volatile realm of acrylic paint.

With the brush I am discovering a more vibrant and active imperfection in the line.

The relationship between the free-hand, the 'breath' or 'vibrancy' of the image and the acceptance and embracing of imperfection as a matter of course is the continued topic of contemplation and the results thus far are very encouraging.

Stay tuned for more information on Studio Feruvius' summer exhibition that will feature what culminates from my ongoing work in the "Portals" series.
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