Thirty-One Mystery Hostess Party!

Out with the old and in with the New!

Join me as we kick off the fall season with a new catalog! Stop by to see the fresh fall products and beautiful patterns! This busy time of year means you need a special day out to shop, eat, and chat!

Who is the Mystery Hostess? It could be YOU!!

Can't make it? Check it all out online! You will be entered in the drawing for placing an order!

Thirty-One Mystery Hostess Party:

Saturday, Oct. 12th 2013 at 3-5pm

1555 W Ellis St

Belding, MI

An RSVP is much appreciated to help with my preparations!,You can call, email, or message me!


Who is our Mystery Hostess? Collect tickets to see if you can WIN!

* Arrive on Time - 1 ticket

* This is your first Thirty-One party -2 tickets

* Bring a friend - 1 ticket

* Bring an outside order -2 tickets for each order

* Ask questions about Thirty-One -1 ticket

*Book a fall party - 5 tickets!!!

* Place an order -2 tickets

* place an order that includes the October special - 3 tickets

At the end of the party, the person who collects the most tickets wins the party and becomes our hostess with all the rewards!! Free credits, half off items, and hostess exclusives!! Don't miss this party!