severe weather

by Avery Oneal


What are hurricanes

A large storm that forms in a ocean

that can make different things happen in your life.

WOW Fact

They are ...........storms that form over a warm ocean.

Safety Tips

Stay away from the hurricane that is outside. And stay away from windows .


What are tornados

A big group of wind that comes together over a warm body of ocean and makes a funnel .

WOW Fact

A tornado's wind ranged to 200 to 300 miles per hour .

Safety Tips

When a tornado is heading your way have a plan . Don't go out side , stay on the lowest floor of your house or a building .

Thunder Storm

What is a thunderstorm

A thunderstorm is a storm that forms from the suns warmth and warmth moist .

WOW Fact

Did you know ................ when you see lighting go down it is going up.

Safety Tips

Don't be by trees , metel , or other things . Try to stay in side like a house or even a building .