Gucci Mane City

Feel the clear sky and see us spit hot fire

Why should you come join our mixed economy?

We are the most improved and have the best engineers .Here in Gucci mane city you have the most freedom to do anything you want and be who ever you want.Honestly, none of that stuff compares to how much privacy we have.You can leave your door unlocked and no one will try to break in because of the password you put on your house.

What is in this wonderful city?

Here in gucci mane city we are all about sports and finding stuff you are good at or even excellent at.We have facilities called RECS and we will work you out and make you smart and strong.Our education is so great that when people are born they already can talk .

These are our founders of this great city

We are a mixed economy

This is the best economy.You can do so much more than just sit around all day .You can work , reproduce , and let your legacy begin .So I'm going to ask the final question . Are you ready to explore and create in this new city called Gucci Mane City, if you are then call us at the number at the bottom of our flyer.
White Nerds Attempting to Rap (Mixed Economy) Stupid and Funny Music Video