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Teamwork, Responsibility, Ambition, Integrity, Leadership

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  • Friday, 11/18: pasta dinner, silent auction, Enrichment Club presentations, and race packet pick-up starting at 5:00 pm
  • Saturday, 11/19: packet pick-up begins at 8:00 am, and the 5k race starts at 9:00 am. Register online at, or find a paper registration form attached to this email and on the BTMS PTO website. This event is open to the community, so share the online registration link with friends and neighbors

  • 5K Sponsorship Information

    BTMS 5K Registration

    Leaders Of The Pack/Terrific Timberwolves

    Each month students are chosen to be “Leaders of the Pack” for reasons such as displaying outstanding leadership, citizenship, school service, good behavior, and performance in their classrooms and throughout the school. “Terrific Timberwolves” are then selected among those chosen as Leaders of the Pack because they exemplify the characteristics found in the T.R.A.I.L. - Teamwork, Responsibility, Ambition, Integrity, Leadership

    For the month of October we would like to congratulate the following Leaders of the Pack:

    • Team 6-1: Ella C.
    • Team 6-2: Eason H.
    • Team 7-1: Ava S.

    • Team 7-2: Chloe D.

    • 8th Grade: Ashley F.

    • 8th Grade: Semaj G.

    • Related Arts 6th Grade: Jenna L.

    • Related Arts 7th Grade: Georgia K.

    The October Terrific Timberwolves Students of the Month are:

    6th Grade - Amelia B.

    7th Grade - Rene H.

    8th Grade - Bryson B.

    Related Arts - Mason V.

    Teamwork, Responsibility, Ambition, Integrity, Leadership: "The Trail" As Leaders of the Pack and Terrific Timberwolves, these students live "The Trail" everyday!


    Banks Trail Middle School is organizing a Veterans Day ceremony on November 10th from 9:00am-10:00am. It is titled, “Our Trail to Freedom” and we are inviting all Vets in the area to be our honored guests. The intent is to show our students that there are many Veterans in our community and raise awareness of the sacrifices that our service members make.

    This year as a part of the Veterans Day assembly, will also create a trail of photos of our veterans. Students will be photographed while holding the picture(s) of the service men and women in their family. We will then display these photos along the main hallway of the school. Please help us honor the men and women of the military by sending in your family’s photos.

    If you or someone you know is a member of the armed forces or a veteran, please plan to attend our assembly. Senator Wes Hayes will be our guest speaker and we will have student performances to honor our local veterans. There will also be a hospitality room for our veterans to enjoy breakfast and refreshments from 8:00am-9:00am.

    If you would like to attend as an honored guest, please RSVP to Mr. Traynor so that we can adequately prepare.

    Thank you,

    Veteran’s Day Committee


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    We have scheduled the 3rd Annual BTMS Holiday Market on Friday, December 9th (9:00 am – 6:00pm). We hope to have more vendors this year for this wonderful event, so feel free to pass along this information! This is the perfect time for students to shop for their loved ones during the holiday season. The vendor fee is $25 and can be paid on December 9th. However, if you would like to pay before December 9th, you may mail a check to BTMS (1640 Banks Road, Fort Mill, SC 29715); or you may pay by credit card in person (see the bookkeeper Elaine Sykes). We cannot accept payments online or over the phone (sorry).

    If you would like to participate as a vendor, please complete the form by following the link below.

    If you have any questions, suggestions, or concerns please feel free to contact Leslie Nivens at or Trish Mumaw at

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    Banks Trail Middle School 2016-17 Yearbooks are on sale for $40.00. In order to be guaranteed that you have a yearbook at the end of the year please order yearbooks by Friday, December 9. If you are not sure if your child purchased a yearbook, you may check with his/her homeroom teacher.

    You may purchase yearbooks online with credit card, debit card at or at school with cash or check made to BTMS, with a phone number listed on check. If ordering at school, please give your cash or check to Mrs. Munn in D-111. If you have any additional questions, please contact Mrs. Munn at

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    November 2016

    R2S Endorsement Course Update

    In October, teachers learned strategies to enhance their content-area writing. Teachers have commented in their class assignments that the strategies for October are providing wonderful opportunities for students to solidify their learning and strengthen comprehension about their course content. Our teachers are embracing their R2S endorsement course and see the benefit of all teachers using reading and writing strategies across the curriculum. As our own Coach Tyson Garden wrote in his R2S October assignment, “Content is what we teach, but there is also the how, and this is where literacy instruction comes in. There are an endless number of engaging, effective strategies to get students to think about, write about, read about, and talk about the content you teach. The ultimate goal of literacy instruction is to build a student's comprehension, writing skills, and overall skills in communication.”

    Parent and Family Involvement with Literacy

    The above website offers some engaging opportunities for families to celebrate literacy at home. The descriptions of family book clubs and family journals about half-way down on the website are excellent. These two strategies are highly recommended as fun and memorable ways to make reading and writing a very special part of family activities. These journals could grow to include memories of family events, vacations, and family stories across generations. These family journals could become family heirlooms to treasure. J


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    Banks Trail is proud to partner with the American Heart Association to help kids with special hearts! Mark your calendars now for our upcoming Hoops For Heart Tournament! (3V3 basketball)

    November 22, 2016 $3 to play or spectate

    Students can help the American Heart Association by paying to participate in the tournament as a player or spectator. Cost is $3 and is due by November 18th. You must complete the registration form attached and give cash and form to Coach Gardin or Miss Bray.


    Mock Election

    Banks Trail will hold a Mock Presidential Election on Monday, November 7. Following civics education in their social studies classes, students will have a chance to vote for their favorite candidate. Our goal is to teach students about democracy.


    Thank you to all of our great students and families for making our Fall Book Fair the best ever at Banks Trail. Your support has allowed us to purchase 4 great picnic tables for outside the Media Center. These will allow us to go outside the Media Center to read and work and enjoy the patio area. These should arrive soon. I look forward to seeing all of you at the Spring Book Fair on March 21st at the Literacy Arts Fair.

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    October Teachers of the Month

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    Congratulations to our Timberwolves for a great season!!

    Congratulations to the 7th & 8th Grade football teams and the 7th & 8th Grade volleyball teams for your hard work and dedication during the season! The final standings are as follows:

    7th Grade Football finished 4-3 and 3rd place overall.

    8th Grade Football finished 2-5 and 5th place overall.

    7th Grade Volleyball finished 7-3 and 2nd place overall.

    8th Grade Volleyball finished 3-7 and 5th place overall.

    The first Basketball game is Thursday, December 1st with the Girls hosting Fort Mill Middle School and the Boys playing at Fort Mill Middle School.

    All games begin at 5:00 PM.

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    Fort Mill School District Information

    Administration’s Middle School Attendance Area Recommendation of A-1 - Feedback to the Board of Trustees

    As previously communicated on 11/2/2016, the Board of Trustees is currently receiving feedback regarding the administration’s recommendation of modified Map A-1 for new middle school attendance areas, effective 2016-2017. The feedback period will remain open from November 2 -14, with the board scheduled to take action on the administration's recommendation on November 15, 2016.

    It is important to reiterate that there is always the possibility for the Board of Trustees to make adjustments to the administration’s recommendation based on community feedback, which has served as a vital part of the overall process for many years.

    Please refer to the district website to access the maps, feedback form and other supporting documentation links. Here’s the link:

    Additional PTO News

    Do you shop at Harris Teeter, Publix, or on Amazon? Here are some super easy ways to raise $ for our school!

    • Re-link your Harris Teeter card to BTMS PTO either in-store or online at Together in Education. Our school code is 8686.
    • Pick up a Publix card at the front desk of the school, or notify us that you need one by emailing with your child's name and homeroom teacher.
    • Go to Amazon Smile and shop! For each purchase you make, 0.5% will be donated to Banks Trail Middle School PTO at no additional cost to you. To make it even easier, link to Banks Trail Middle School PTO in your Amazon account.

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    Please remember that a parent or adult must come into the office with your student to sign them in when they are Tardy or Returning from an Appointment.


    Students leaving school early must be picked up no later than 2:50 PM. There will be no dismissals from 2:50 PM until 3:20 PM.

    Upcoming Dates

    11/08 No School for Students; Election Day

    School Board General Election

    11/10 Veteran’s Day Assembly

    Ident-A-Kid will be here to take pictures for Student ID's

    11/15 Chorus Clinic (Girls) @ Winthrop

    ST-ARTS Auditions @ Gold Hill Middle School

    11/18 7th Grade Career Fair @ Springfield Middle School

    Pasta Dinner & Silent Auction Event (PTO)

    11/19 BTMS 5k - sponsored by the BTMS PTO

    11/22 Hoops for Heart Tournament (3v3 basketball)

    11/23 – 11/25 Thanksgiving Holiday’s

    11/29 Beta Club Induction

    12/06 Chorus Concert

    12/13 Band Concert

    12/21 1/2 Day for Students & Faculty - Beginning of Winter Break

    12/21 - 1/03 Winter Break - Students return on Wednesday, January 4th

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