Shopping Back in the Day

Josh & Kyran


There was little shopping to be done in the 1800's, there were only a few store and people didn't have the money to shop like we do now, also back then it wasn't a priority to dress nice for most people. People back then shopped and traded for food more then clothes. Also the economy wasn't in the best condition at this time so shopping wasn't near the top of the list of priorites in the 1800's.
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In 1956, Gruen opened the first mall in Minnesota. Shopping in malls reached its peck in 1990. Shopping became easier now that all the stores were located in one place, and the economy was in good shape that people had the money to shop for expensive clothes. Also around this time people judged you for what you wore so it was important to look nice, which encouraged shopping.
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Present Time

Shopping today for some people is an addiction or hobby for some people. Mostly everyone goes shopping at a mall. There are different stores for different styles.
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Shopping in the US vs. Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe is one of the poorest countries in the world by GDP. Zimbabwe doesn't have many malls like the US. Stores in Zimbabwe are different then the stores in the US, most of the stores aren't in buildings.
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