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Support, Tools, Empowerment, Process

Take the S.T.E.P to living Awake, Alive, & Empowered!

Come, sisters,

let us sit around the fire.- by Tanya Markul

The beauty in your healing is that it gets to be about you: what you need, what you want, how your gentle inner voice that has been whispering for years can finally be heard. YOU MATTER, and this process is your own. Stepping into who you truly are has never been more present in your mind. Now is the time.

Join brilliant, intuitive healer, trauma expert, and Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist Angie Cella as she takes you on an 8-week journey to S.T.E.P. into who you truly are.

S: Support for listening to your inner divine voice

T: Tools for taking the leap of faith into what YOU need and want

E: Empowering messages to guide you on your path

P: Processing information at your pace

...On her journey to shine from within her deepest ache, she blossomed from what felt like an insignificant twinkle to a blazing, awakening woman. --Tanya Markul

Details about our Web-Based Group

Facilitated by Angie Cella, LMFT, ASAT, AMAT, Certified EMDR

When: Thursday evenings

Time: 5:00 p.m. to 6:30 p.m.

Tuition: $45 per group

Sign up: 801-272-3500;

Video link will be sent once registration is completed!

NOTE: This group is different from our web-based partners of escalated addictions class.

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