ocean zone (salt marshes)

by: eric lin

The Best Ocean Zone

Location Quick Facts

-the salt marshes are all along the east -Avg. Temp: it was between 20 to 40.

coast in the united states.

-in the U.S. near Atlantic Ocean & Gulf -Avg. Density: 0- 108 stem/m2.

of Mexico.

-South Carolina is the state with most -Avg. Salinity: 346,000 acres of salt.

salt marshes. Florida also has a large

number of marshes & everglades.

All About Science

-terrestrial animals and plants survive here if they can tolerate some seawater or some beach water. if they can tolerate exposure to air, then they can survive their.

-Tides in Salt Marshes affect living organisms that live there. When water is getting higher it is covering the land and it is killing all the living organisms on the land.

Life Above & Below

Salt marshes are wetlands that are flooded and drained by salt water. below the salt marshes, the oxygen are extremely low.