The Key to Salvation


  • Meaning of Tawheed
  • Categories of Monotheism
  • Meaning of Shirk
  • Types and Categories of Polytheism
  • Clarification on Sorcery
  • Clarification on Omens and Superstition
  • Clarification on Amulets
  • Clarification on Islamic Etiquette with Graves
  • And Much Much More.....

SPEAKER PROFILE : Sheikh Salmaan Parkar

Born in Hobart, Tasmania and currently lives in Perth, Western Australia. Graduated from Darul
Uloom Zakariyya Institute in Johannesburg, South Africa. Studied under and obtained Ijaazaat from many prominent scholars including the current Grand Mufti of S.Africa, Mufti Rada-ul-Haq.
Specializes in Qira'aat (modes of Qur'anic recitation). Presently is one of the Imams at Thornlie
Masjid, conducts regular classes in Perth and is pursuing a Bachelors Degree at Curtin University.