By Ragib Arnab

What is an Meteor, Meteoroid, and Meteorite

Meteoroid- Meteoroids are the smallest members of the solar system, its size range from a kilometer to a much smaller micrometeoroids.

Meteor- Meteors are meteoroids that reached the planet's atmosphere, where it vaporizes as a flash of light as it goes down to the ground.

Meteorite- An meteorite is a meteor which managed to survive the atmosphere and reached the ground before it burns away.

NASA SCI Files - Meteors

What are the Physical Characteristics of Meteor

Meteoroids are made out of rock and iron. It is often debris of destroyed asteroids, planets, or other larger solid matter in the solar system. Sometimes, the meteorites that landed on Earth are magnetic, which can interfere with devices such as compasses. Each day, about 50 tons of space debris falls to the Earth's atmosphere, 99% of it is speckles of dusts called micrometeoroids.

Location of Meteors

Meteoroids are located everywhere in space, but when it turns into a meteor, it usually burns up in the mesosphere. Mesosphere is a region in the atmosphere where meteors most frequently appears. The mesosphere ranges from 50 to 80 km in attitude.

Meteor Showers

Meteor showers are rapid amounts of space debris that falls to the atmosphere. It usually occurs when a comet strikes the Earth during its orbit.