LIFT Weekly Update

All about the Student Ministry at First Baptist Covington.

Hey, everybody!

Everybody is back in the swing of things with school now, and we are too! We've got a great LIFT planned for this Wednesday with the final message in the Worship series, plus some prizes, and our awesome small groups!

Also coming up tomorrow, Prayer Breakfast is back! We will have a great time of devotion, prayer, and a wonderful breakfast cooked by our loving ladies. It starts at 7am for High Schoolers and 8am for Middle Schoolers in the Annex. Transportation is provided to Eastside, Cousins, Indian Creek, NCTS, and homeschools. Special arrangements can be made for other schools, too!

Finally, coming up this Sunday at LifeLine, we'll enjoy one more little pool party. Just like last night, we'll LEAVE at 5:30pm and return by 7:15pm. Bring a towel! Snacks are provided.

Also, keep these upcoming dates on your radar:

  • Bonfire Night -- Oct. 23rd 5pm - 8pm
  • Separate Guys/Girls Retreats Nov. 1-3
  • LIFT Christmas Party Dec. 11
  • Ski Trip Feb. 18-21

Last Week's Message from LIFT

Elements Worship 2

Follow-Up Questions

· Do you feel like witnessing those things that Jesus did in person would have caused you to react the way the people did? Why or why not?

· How different is it for us to experience Him now than how they experienced Him in the stories?

· What kind of emotional reaction can an experience with Jesus cause?

· Why should that lead you to action outside these doors?

· So, why do we do the things that we do when you come to a “worship service” at church?