TR's Media Center

Spring Semester 2015

Updates, Changes and Reminders

Heading into the new semester the Media Staff wanted to touch base and update what's happening in the Media Center.

A few reminders:

Substitutes: Should not be scheduled with classes in the Media Center unless approved by administration.

DVD checkout: Please be reminded that any movie above a G rating needs a video permission form. The library's collection of DVDs varies in ratings. Any DVD above a G rating from the library MUST have a video permission form.

*You may not show any film above a PG-13 rating with the exception of the Film Studies class. Be aware that some of the DVDs available in our collection may have an "R" specifically for Film Class.

Student Aides/Student Visitors: Students are always welcome to check out books, study, use computers, or seek help from library staff. Please make sure all students have a pass to be admitted to the library. Remind these students to sign in and out. Student Aides should have a specific purpose for coming to the library. Frequent Student Aide visits often led to socializing, napping, etc. We appreciate your assistance in maintaining a library that is conducive to learning. : )

Library Calendar: The library calendar allows for 4 allotted times per block. If a teachers wants an entire block please sign up in two spaces. Please do not draw a line, X, etc. through a block. Two classes may be scheduled at the same time unless there is a specific reason otherwise. Teachers may sign up for tables as well. The library staff does not write in the calendar unless a librarian is needed for a specific lesson. If there is a scheduling conflict, please discuss with the other teacher. The calendar should be written in PENCIL ONLY-that way if something changes it is an easy fix. It helps everyone avoid confusion or misunderstanding if the calendar is clearly labeled.

Inventory: One of the joys of Spring in the library....inventory will begin in late February. Please remind students to return any books they have past due. We do not have late fees, therefore they have nothing to fear. Unless the book is lost or damaged students are free of any charges. If you see any library books or other materials please return them to us. Every item in our collection must be accounted for by the end of the school year. Your assistance is greatly appreciated!

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Out with the Old in the New

We having been working all year weeding out the Reference section. We are getting close to the finish line. Yay! Please help yourself to any of the discarded materials. They will be located on the other side of the magazine display and overflow along the wall near the book room. Any reference books that were not outdated were relocated to the non-fiction section. Any discarded books not taken by teachers or students will go to recycling in May.

We are also excited to report that we were able to order over 1,000 new library materials this year. These materials include fiction, non-fiction, dvds and class sets. These materials were ordered with input from teachers and students. As well as other school library recommendations, research needs, and professional library reviews. Thanks for all your feedback-We were able to fill almost all teacher and student requests!

Need a librarian?

Book Talks

If you would like to schedule for me (Gordon) to speak with your class about my current favorite books just send me an email. I typically pick around 10 titles each semester. The "talks" usually take about 25 minutes total, but they are very beneficial for students who may have trouble finding a book or don't really know what we have in the library. You can always send students to me individually for book recommendations as well.

Library Lessons

New semester means research, projects, independent reading, etc. If you would like to schedule time for us to work with your classes feel free to come by or send an email. We are flexible-so whether you need us to quickly review with your classes plagiarism guidelines or step by step guide them through better search methods. Anything can be customized to your assignment and time. You can bring your classes to the Media Center or we can come to your classroom.

Example lessons:

Organizing Research

Avoiding Plagiarism


Internet Research (a lot of students need help in this area, and this is applicable for every subject)

New technology application (there are a lot of free web based presentations that are a nice reprieve from PowerPoint)

How to use the library (trust me, you would be surprised how many students don't know!)

Freshmen Orientation: If you are teaching a class/classes of Freshmen and know that you will be using the library. We encourage you to bring your class in for Freshmen orientation. It only takes about 30 minutes but it helps students with library rules, checkout polices, and proper usage of the library.

We are happy to collaborate on any project. #askalibrarian

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TR's Media Center Celebrates Reading

Every year the Media Center celebrates reading goals with a luncheon in February. This program has almost doubled in size since 2012. Students who read three books from the yearly Young Adult Book Award (YABA) nominee list or participate in the Winter Reading Challenge are invited. Please encourage your students to participate. Send all inquires to a library staff member. We would love to see this program continue to grow.

Students who read three books from the YABA list are also awarded a SC book award program participation award during the end of the year award ceremony.


We look forward to seeing your classes this semester. Feel free to contact Deanna or Ashley with any questions or concerns.

-Ashley, Deanna, and Angela